Commissioning and RetroCommissioning

Novus has, over the course of the last eight years, completed numerous successful commissioning projects that have resulted in immediate cost savings to the client as well as long term operational savings. We have the in-depth knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience needed to systematically and successfully coordinate and implement multi-faceted commissioning and retrocommissioning projects. In particular, we have substantial experience with building control systems, including detailed pre-implementation evaluation of sequences of operation. We are skilled with using computer control systems during the commissioning process to evaluate system functionality, helping to ensure that buildings operate according to design intent. In addition, we have a strong operational sensitivity and a keen awareness that facility staff must understand building systems after the consultants have gone home. This awareness is critical during the commissioning process to assure that all installed systems are accessible and maintainable over the long term.

The Novus team has a proven track record for providing informed and dependable commissioning assistance to clients in all sectors. We have received consistently positive feedback on the caliber and thoroughness of our work. We have also established our ability to meet tight deadlines and produce high quality work in a cost-effective manner.

Representative projects include: