Fuel and Electricity Procurement Services

Energy consumers are increasingly aware of the significant impact that fuel and energy costs often have on their bottom line. However, not every firm or organization has the time or skills needed to optimize the savings opportunities that exist. And, while the marketplace abounds with suppliers seeking to enlist customers, there can be pitfalls on the road to lower fuel and energy costs.

Novus works independently – with no marketer affiliation – to help evaluate client needs and options, and to secure the most economical and reliable supplies under fair terms. Novus provides fuel and energy purchasing recommendations for supplies valued in excess of $8 million annually.

Novus offers the following services:

  • Developing fuel & energy supply bid documents
  • Utility rate analysis
  • Negotiation of utility rates, where customized rates are available
  • Evaluating contract terms & conditions
  • Energy budgeting and recordkeeping

Representative Projects: