Acoustics & Noise Services

Novus performs architectural, environmental, and occupational noise studies for a wide variety of clients. Typical projects include:

  • Acoustical design for new music rooms, lecture halls, gymnasiums, and auditoriums.
  • Development of recommendations to reduce nuisance noise transmission in buildings.
  • Analysis and correction of acoustical problems in existing spaces.
  • Acoustical field testing and reporting for building commissioning.
  • Preparation of community noise impact studies.

Through the use of specialized monitoring equipment and various acoustical modeling tools, Novus can predict and compare the effectiveness of different noise reduction or treatment strategies and select the most cost effective solutions.

For environmental noise analysis, Novus uses CadnaA® acoustical analysis software. CadnaA® is the leading software for calculation, presentation, assessment and prediction of environmental noise. The program can accurately predict environmental noise levels from multiple sources, while accounting for all common attenuation factors such as topography, barriers, buildings and atmospheric attenuation.

Representative Projects include: