Air Permitting & Compliance Services

Novus Engineering assists clients to achieve responsible, cost-effective environmental compliance. Our expertise can save you time and money, avoid noncompliance hassles, and allow your staff to focus on your core business. We also have the experience to address indoor air quality (IAQ) concerns in buildings.

Our services include:

1. Pre-Construction

  • Regulatory Assessment We’ll evaluate your project to determine what regulations and requirements will apply, enabling an informed decision on project size and scope
  • Equipment Specification Assistance Minor changes in the size and configuration of your emission source could mean big savings in permitting and compliance costs. We’ll make recommendations to ensure that your project is subject to the least complex and least costly compliance requirements possible.
  • Pre-construction PermitsWhere obtaining a permit in advance is required, Novus Engineering can assist with the application and help to keep your construction timetable on track.

2. Air Permit Development

Developing a permit requires more than knowledge of laws and regulations. It takes a thorough understanding of your emission source and how it will be operated. Novus Engineering’s experience with Stationary Combustion Installations and Process Emission Sources ensures that the permit you receive will have conditions that fit your facility.

  • Capping PlansWe work closely with facility designers and operators to ensure that any caps are suited to your facility and have sufficient flexibility.
  • Compliance ProceduresRegulations offer flexibility in compliance procedures, but you have to know what to request. We’ll help to ensure your compliance tasks fit your facility and are practical for your operation.
  • Emission Reduction CreditsIf you’re reduced your emissions, you may be eligible for Emission Reduction Credits (ERCs), which have cash value or can offset new emissions. We’re experienced in obtaining these credits.
    • Emission Control Evaluations and ProceduresControl strategies that allow you to avoid regulatory applicability are often less expensive than controls imposed when more stringent regulations are triggered. We can assist with an emission control strategy that saves time and money.

3. Air Permit Modifications

Changes to your emissions profile can entail changes to your permit. Some require advance notification, while others might be allowable under your operational flexibility plan. Some changes will require filing of a permit modification.

Our evaluation will:

  • Verify whether any new process is covered under the existing permit, or recommend the most cost effective means to modify.
  • Evaluate the potential for changing the permitting level, possibly avoiding unnecessary permit conditions and compliance requirements.
  • Recommend the most efficient new permit that applies.

4. Compliance Reports

Novus Engineering is highly experienced in producing compliance reports from raw monitoring data. We’ve developed templates that enable us to generate finished reports in a fraction of the time it might take your staff, and have produced hundreds of such reports for our clients. Reports available for adaptation to your facility include:

  • Emission Statements
  • Compliance Certification
  • Compliance Verification
  • Cap Monitoring
  • New Source Performance Standards (NSPS)
  • Compliance Assistance and Training

5. Multi-media Training Programs

Novus Engineering has comprehensive training programs to assist your staff in maintaining Air Permit Compliance. These multi-media presentations incorporate graphics, animations and movie clips into a professionally produced, but down-to-earth training program that translates the complex “legalese” of your permit into everyday English and provides concrete directions as to how to comply with each permit condition.

Training program topics include:

  • Permit Compliance: Why Bother?
    • Penalties and sanctions.
  • The Clean Air Act and Pollutants of Concern
    • SOx, NOx, CO, VOC, PMs and HAPs.
  • What Is An Air Permit?
    • Obligations and rights under the law.
  • Providing Proper Notification
    • When and how to notify regulators.
  • Monitoring For Cap Compliance
    • What to monitor and how to record it.
  • Reporting Violations
    • When and how to report problems.
  • Keeping Required Records
    • What records to keep and how to maintain them.
  • Preparing For Inspection
    • How to avoid problems during an inspection.
  • Reporting Accurately
    • How to ensure your reports meet requirements.

Compliance Training program participants can also receive a custom-designed Permit Compliance Handbook that explains each condition and requirement of your permit.

6. Method 9 Opacity Observations

Novus Engineering has a certified opacity observer on staff. If your permit requires periodic or incidental opacity observations, contact Novus Engineering to ensure that a certified observer is available to meet these compliance requirements.

7. Enforcement Action Response

If you have received a notice of violation and feel that it is in error, you and your attorneys may need the assistance of an Environmental Engineering firm with experience in discussing such matters with regulatory authorities. Many such situations arise through misunderstandings that can be successfully resolved in informal hearings. Novus has experience in participating in such hearings and can provide the technical and analytical resources that may prove your case.

8. Indoor Air Quality Services

The impacts of poor indoor air quality can vary from mild occupant discomfort to greatly increased absenteeism with associated loss of productivity. Employee lawsuits based on indoor air quality are on the rise.

Modern buildings often rely entirely on mechanical ventilation to remove pollutants and to bring in fresh air. Large increases in energy costs during the 1970’s led to increasingly tight building construction and reduced outside air ventilation. The use of synthetic materials and proliferation of office equipment have also brought a host of potential pollutants into the work place. Considering these factors, it is not surprising that indoor air quality problems have risen dramatically.

An IAQ survey is a systematic review of a building, its mechanical systems and uses to identify conditions that may lead to the concentration or movement of airborne contaminants and subsequent occupant discomfort or illness. Most IAQ problems can be solved without the need for expensive laboratory tests.

Novus has the skills to identify and solve most indoor air problems. With in-depth expertise in all aspects of building design, operation and maintenance, we can rapidly pinpoint potential sources of indoor air quality problems and suggest cost-effective solutions.