Energy Efficiency Services

Energy Efficiency Services have provided the bread-and-butter of Novus’ existence for the last 20+ years. Novus has extensive experience in helping customers to make more informed energy decisions at their facilities. We have carried out dozens of energy surveys, investment grade energy audits, and retrocommissioning studies for commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities. We also provide energy management services to assist clients with utility purchasing and identification and implementation of attractive energy projects.

In carrying out this work, Novus has always avoided a one-size-fits-all approach. We utilize experienced staff with the ability to spot opportunities particularly suited to the individual client. We recognize that our recommendations must be compatible with the requirements of a building and its management, occupants, and maintenance staff.

Novus has extensive commissioning and retrocommissioning experience for both LEED® and non-LEED® projects. These commissioning services assure a client that the building’s new or existing mechanical and electrical systems operate at peak efficiency and provide maximum comfort.

Novus has served on numerous design teams for buildings that have successfully achieved LEED®-certified status and is intimately familiar with the entire LEED® process.

Novus is one of a select group of firms chosen to provide energy consulting services under multiple NYSERDA programs. These include the Flexible Technical (FlexTech) Assistance Program, New Construction Program (NCP) and the new Benchmarking and Operational Efficiency Program (BOEP). These programs all provide funding for energy analysis and/or energy incentives for clients who want to improve the energy efficiency of existing buildings or are developing plans for a new energy efficient facility.

Novus’ efforts have saved our clients millions of dollars in energy costs over the past 20 years. Follow the links below for detailed information about our energy services and descriptions of sample projects.