Lighting Audit Services

Lighting technology has been improving rapidly over the past two decades. Innovations include great increases in lamp efficiency and improved fixture design that results in enhanced lighting quality, light output and light distribution. Upgrading of outdated lighting systems and installation of lighting controls can result in significant energy savings and better quality lighting.

Novus has been producing high quality lighting audits for over 20 years and has audited millions of square feet of building space. We remain current with the latest proven technologies through our active participation in Illuminating Society activities and frequent contact with lighting distributors. Our audits specify replacement systems that will yield short paybacks but also result in dramatic increases in lighting quality and reduced long term maintenance for the owner.

At Novus, lighting audit data is managed with our in-house database program “Illuminator”, which produces a wide variety of useful reports including room-by-room payback analysis, contractor reports, detailed material lists, and disposal cost summaries. Finally, Novus considers and compares state and utility rebate programs to select the lighting options that result in the best value for the owner.

Once the audit is complete Novus can provide full implementation services to assure that the new lighting is installed correctly. These services include:

  • Preparation of bidding documents
  • Assistance with contractor selection
  • Review of submittals
  • Construction administration
  • Lighting controls system checkout and commissioning
  • Applications for financial incentives available from state agencies or utility companies.