NYSERDA FlexTech and Benchmarking

Novus is one of 41 FlexTech Consultants under contract to NYSERDA. Through the FlexTech program, NYSERDA will cost-share up to 50% of the eligible energy study costs. Novus can provide the following types of services:

  • Detailed studies of HVAC, lighting, and control systems.
  • Retro-commissioning of existing buildings.
  • Assistance in preparing bid documents for procuring competitive bids for electricity and natural gas supply.
  • Long-term support on energy management issues, actively identifying opportunities and performing analyses with the customer’s and NYSERDA’s approval.


The application process to obtain cost sharing assistance under FlexTech is simple. Additional information can be found on NYSERDA’s website: www.nyserda.ny.gov\flextech. Please do not hesitate to call to discuss your energy project needs.

The following projects are examples of facilities that Novus has assisted through the FlexTech program: