Siena College SAInT Center

Siena College asked Novus to take the lead on design of a new lab to house a full suite of state-of-the-art analytical instruments. The lab, located in the existing Morrell Science Center, is known as the Stewart’s Advanced Instrumentation and Technology Center. It’s an interdisciplinary instrumentation lab focusing on teaching and research across multiple departments of the School of Science.

The lab design included new HVAC, HVAC controls, emergency ventilation, power, lighting, fire suppression, de-ionized water and high purity lab gas systems. Novus recommended and designed an IG-55 inert gas fire suppression system, which uses a mixture of argon and nitrogen, rather than water, to minimize potential damage to the instruments in case of a system release. The lab is tied into the building’s central HVAC system for ventilation and exhaust but utilizes separate space conditioning units to provide tight temperature and humidity control. These units are connected to emergency power and will continue to operate in the event of a central system shut down. An automatic emergency exhaust and ventilation system was designed to purge the lab in case of failure of the liquid nitrogen storage tanks required to run the lab equipment.

Architectural design was provided by Keystone Architectural Services of Delmar, NY under sub-contract to Novus.